Revolutionizing Dust Control with Double Pneumatic Flap Valves

Revolutionizing Dust Control with Double Pneumatic Flap Valves

In this edition of Techmatic’s newsletter, we are pleased to share valuable insights about our tried-and-tested solution for baghouse dust conveyors. While this solution has been a part of our expertise for years, we believe it holds enduring value for those who are still grappling with these challenges and seeking an effective remedy.

The Challenges:

Traditional lean phase pneumatic conveying systems under baghouse and electrostatic precipitator (ESP) hoppers often grapple with blockages, inefficiencies, wear and costly maintenance. Our innovative solution seeks to address these challenges effectively

We understand the main requirements for solving these challenges:

  • A feed system that can accommodate a large number of infeed points without losing valuable conveying air due to leakage through the infeed equipment.
  • Minimize leakage air to reduce the ‘sandblasting’ type of wear in the conveyor infeed equipment and prevent air leakage from affecting ESP and baghouse efficiency.
  • An airlock feed system that ensures a positive seal between the hopper and conveying pipeline.
  • A system that is maintainable without downtime.
  • The ability to accommodate and recover from material backlogs in the baghouse or ESP hoppers which generally happen infrequently but are often simply ignored during the design phase.
  • Our innovative solution ticks all these boxes and more, providing an efficient and cost-effective way to streamline your baghouse and ESP dust conveyors.

The innovative solution developed: Pneumatic Double Flap Valve System

The Double Pneumatic Flap Valve System hand in hand with a metering feeder, designed to revolutionize dust conveying in baghouse and ESP operations.

Advantages of Our Solution:

Advantages of Double Pneumatic Flap Valves

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