Reagent Slurry Make-Up Plants


Techmatic also manufactures a range of reagent plants including depressant, flocculant, sodium hydroxide, SMBS, magnesium oxide and cyanide slurrying and dosing plants.

Each product has its own particular characteristics and chemical properties and the plants are designed to take these into account both in their dry state as well as in the dissolved or slurry form.

With flocculant the core process requirement is to wet the product well during the initial feeding of powder into the water, allow the product to fully hydrate and then handle the resultant fully hydrated product carefully in order so as not to damage the long polymer strings that are required for process effectiveness of the flocculant solution. Doing so minimises the use of the amount of flocculant from an operational cost point of view. .

For SMBS and cyanide stringent safety requirements and operator ergonomics are taken into consideration. In addition mine specifications are adhered to and in some instances additional safety features make the Techmatic plants safe and operator friendly. From the basic plant to semi automated or fully automated plants – the design can be customised to suit your budget.

Plants designs include stand-alone skid mounted plants as well containerised plants.

Knowing the chemistry behind a process has allowed Techmatic to design smartly – converting plants such as MgO and Lime plants from what has traditionally been an eyesore on a plant to a clean working environment.

For these two products the key is to prevent atmospheric carbon dioxide from coming into contact with the slurry. Preventing this contact means that the slurry will not convert back to its original state which in the case of hydrated lime is Limestone. It is exactly these deposits that make these plants look unsightly.

Each reagent has it’s own unique properties – both in dry form or once it is dissolved. And each product requires a specific way of handling it.