Lime Slurry Make-Up Plants


Techmatic manufactures a range of lime slakers, hydrated lime dosing systems and lime injection systems to assist companies in their waste water treatment, acid neutralisation and flue gas de-sulphurisation. A new development on the slaker is the integrated scrubber unit that can cope with the steam and dust created when unslaked lime is dispensed and mixed in the closed tank lime slaker. The scrubber has an integral fan that keeps the tank under a light vacuum which prevents dust and steam from escaping through overflow pipe openings, manholes and the lime infeed point. The scrubber replaces the old chimney stack that vents to atmosphere used on some of the older slakers. The lime slakers are supplied with lime storage silos, feed equipment, pumps, ring-main and dosing points where required.

For municipal water treatment Techmatic supplies bulk storage silos for slaked lime and the transfer systems to convey the lime powder to daybins before dispensing the lime into slurry bowls where it is mixed with water at a controlled rate.

For direct flue gas treatment Techmatic supplies dry lime injection via lean phase pneumatic conveying. Slaked lime is notoriously difficult to convey in small amounts. Experience in this type of application has led to the development of superior dosing equipment and methods to overcome product caking, buildup and deposits due to the conversion of slaked Lime to Calcium Carbonate when the lime reacts with atmospheric Carbon Dioxide in the conveying air.