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Techmatic Sorbent Injection Systems

For direct flue gas treatment Techmatic supplies powder injection systems via lean phase pneumatic conveying. These include Hydrated Lime, Bicarbonate of Soda and Powdered Activated Carbon or PAC.

Dry Hydrated Lime and Bicarbonate of Soda is typically injected into flue gas in order to remove Sulphur Dioxide, Hydrogen Chloride and Hydrogen Flouride prior to entering the dust collection baghouse. Optimum distribution in the flue gas stream as well as the retention time on the filter media in the baghouse are important for effective removal of these contaminants.

Powdered Activated Carbon is typically injected in order to absorb heavy metal components that may be present in flue gas emissions.

Slaked or Hydrated lime is notoriously difficult to convey in small amounts. Experience in this type of application has led to the development of superior dosing equipment and methods to overcome product caking, buildup and deposits due to the conversion of Slaked Lime to Calcium Carbonate (Limestone) when the lime reacts with atmospheric Carbon Dioxide in the conveying air.

Dry Lime Injection Test Rig   Lime injection Stream