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Techmatic Materials Handling Equipment

Techmatic supplies an impressive range of bulk materials handling equipment through its sister company Bulkmatic.

As a result of the close association with Bulkmatic the product and equipment knowledge is unmatched in the industry. When Techmatic uses the Bulkmatic equipment in materials handling plants it takes full responsibility for the equipment supplied. Techmatic will not refer a client back to the manufacturer if there are any issues. Instead Techmatic will deal with the client directly and sort out any problems with equipment internally.

Any issues or improvement suggestions that come back from operators using the equipment is immediately fed back to the design department and changes may be implemented on existing equipment and certainly implemented on any new equipment manufactured. This ensures that the equipment is designed with the installation crew, the operator and the maintenance crew in mind at all times. 

Contact us for any equipment that may not be listed in our standard products range. Bulkmatic will design and manufacture custom equipment where required. Often a specific piece of equipment is needed to handle a material that is difficult to convey or process.