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Techmatic News

Heritage Day

Part of the team celebrating Heritage Day

Acid Mine Drainage - Central Basin Quicklime Plant & Limestone Slurry Plant

Techmatic was awarded the contract to design, supply and install the 9 t/hr Quicklime and 7 t/hr Limestone slurry plants for the Acid Mine Drainage (AMD) project for the Central Basin in Germiston, South Africa. Both plants are being commissioned and currently in the trial period phase. These two plants are supplying Quicklime and Limestone slurry to the chemical dosing plant. This is being used to neutralise the acid mine drainage water pumped from the disused mine shafts in the area.Quicklime Plant, Central Basin, Germiston

View of the Quicklime plant and slakers with the concrete makeup and holdings tanks filled with slurry

Quicklime Plant Silos

A view of the Johannesburg skyline in the distance from the roof of the Quicklime Silos

250m2 Office Extension Complete

A 250m2 office extension is complete at our Kya Sands premises. That increases the effective office space from 500m2 to 750m2. Together with a second board/meeting room the new extension created much needed space for the drawing office and projects department expansion. 

AngloGold Noligwa Lime Slaking Plant

The 9t/hr lime slaking plant at AngloGold Noligwa has been comissioned having run at full production on the 25th July 2012. The plant was handed over end of July 2012. The plant with three 300m³ silos is designed to withstand seismic loading of 0.2g. This meant that the silos were designed with a large diameter and low height with a large squat support structure footprint. As a result the silos could not be transported to site in one piece due to road transport height and width restrictions and had to be erected on site.

The new lime slaker is a development based on successful model tests in our factory in Kya Sands and incorporates a redesigned grit removal system that can be switched in when required. This allows the client the flexibility of using lime from different sources that may not all be of the same quality. The development is part of the drive to be able to improve the lime slaker service the mining industry in southern and central Africa where the lime quality cannot always be guaranteed.

AngloGold Noligwa Lime Slaking Plant 

Momentum 94.7 Cycle Challenge

Our 15 person strong cycling team rode the Momentum 94.7 cycle challenge under the Techmatic Holdings corporate banner.This prestigious annual event took place on Sunday 20th November 2011 and covered a distance of 97.4km along Johannesburgs roads. In all a big, fun event for all with perfect weather conditions for the full duration of the race.

 Team techmatic