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Techmatic Mechanical Conveyors

In addition to pneumatic conveyors Techmatic is also able to offer the full spectrum of mechanical conveyors including screw conveyors, bucket elevators, chain conveyors, belt conveyors and vibratory feeders. These are selected according to customer applications and a big factor in the selection is the capital cost of the system as well as life cycle and maintenance costs. 90% of the equipment is designed and manufactured in-house.

Silos and Bucket Elevator Chain and Disc conveyor

Any issues on site (for example first-hand feedback during commissioning and maintenance on issues such as component accessibility) are addressed immediately by the design office and where required modifications can be made without having to deal with sub-suppliers or invalidating guarantees. Any positive modifications are carried over to the standard equipment as an ongoing drive to improve maintainability and durability of the equipment.

Often a combination of pneumatic and mechanical conveyors are used as a process solution.

Bucket Elevator in a Lime Slaking Plant Vibrating Bin Discharger and Rotary Feeder Blue Dye Powder Screw Conveyor Vibratory Feeder