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Techmatic Material Handling Test Rig

Both our Johannesburg and KwaZulu-Natal factories have full scale pneumatic conveying test rigs available. Lean phase positive pressure and vacuum conveying as well as dense phase conveying can be tested under actual plant conditions.They are used to provide experience in conveying products that may prove difficult in certain circumstances. It also provides peace of mind for customers that would like a concept proven in a working environment. In addition to that separate pieces of equipment such as screw conveyors, dosing screws, bulk bag unloaders, airslides, an aeration column and paddle mixers (pug mills) are available for individual tests. 

The rigs are also an intricate part of product development such as the double pneumatic flap valve and the new Vaculoader.

Our testwork provides you with peace of mind...

Diamond Tailings Conveyor
Diamond tailings conveyor during concept testing
         Pneumatic Conveying Test Rigs
Dense phase and lean phase conveying test rigs