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Techmatic Lime Slaking and Lime Dosing Plants

Techmatic manufactures state of the art lime slakers, hydrated lime dosing systems and lime injection systems to assist companies in their waste water treatment, acid neutralisation and flue gas de-sulphurisation.

Knowledge and experience with regards to the lime manufacturing process, the chemistry involved with lime slaking and mixing, reactivity and the conversion of lime back to Limestone sets Techmatic apart from the competitors. This in depth knowledge has allowed Techmatic to resolve many of the issues facing traditional lime plants. 

Lime slaking plant Lime Dosing for municipal water treatment Attrition Slaker 

A recent development on the lime slakers is the Generation 3 scrubber unit that can cope with the steam and dust created when unslaked lime is dispensed and mixed in the closed tank lime slaker.

Lime slaking tank with four infeed screwsThe scrubber has an integral fan that keeps the lime slaking tank under a light vacuum which prevents dust and steam from escaping through overflow pipe openings, manholes and the lime infeed point. The scrubber is cost effective and less maintenance intensive compared with filters previously used for this purpose and also replaces the old chimney stack that vents to atmosphere used on some of the older lime slakers.

For applications where coarse lime is processed we can supply attrition slakers. Power consumption on these slakers are generally high but with the use of high efficiency agitators the power consumption has been reduced by up to 33% compared with conventional attrition slakers.

With the requirement to transport lime plants to difficult to reach places where installation costs are high Techmatic has developed modular units based on standard container dimensions. These are pre-assembled in the workshop and can simply be placed or stacked on site. This dramatically cuts down installation time and if required also allows for modular expansion of plants. Even silos can be manufactured to standard container dimensions where necessary. The container can be loaded with equipment and then transformed on site into a silo with minimal effort.

The lime slakers can be supplied with lime storage silos, feed equipment, pumps, ring-main and dosing points where required.

For municipal water treatment Techmatic supplies bulk storage silos for slaked lime and the transfer systems to pneumatically convey the lime powder to daybins before dispensing the lime into slurry bowls where it is mixed with water at a controlled rate.

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