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Flocculant powder requires special attention to the dry handling as many of these products are hygroscopic and some are dusty as well. Techmatic's experience with dry handling and filtration goes into the design of the dry powder handling side of a flocculant plant - be it mechanically dosing the powder to a wetting head or pneumatically conveying it to a wetting head. 

 A further critical component is the wetting of the flocculant powder so that all particles are separated from each other and fully coated in liquid before going into the hydration tank. 

In the hydration tank gentle agitation is  key to ensuring that the hydrating and expanding polymer chains are not broken up in the process. For this reason Techmatic uses gravity to allow the fully hydrated product to flow to the holding tank. The less mechanical handling i.e. pumping from hydration tank to holding tank, the better. Peristaltic pumps are then used to transfer the solution through an in-line dilution mixer to the client process. 

Fully automated plants are available that allow operators precise control over the dilution strength as well as the flow rates to the process.

The aim is to generate a solution that maximises the activity of the product and minimises the mass of flocculant used.

Each reagent has it's own unique properties - both in dry form or once it is dissolved. And each prodcut requires a specific way of handling it. 

From Zinc Sulphate, Copper Sulphate, Ferrous Sulphate to Cyanide dosing - let us know what your requirements are.